Theater Branding

People of Andhra Pradesh are very big film lovers and they come to watch films frequently. For this reason Theater Branding is one of the most successful and happening mediums in AP Market to reach your target group in 365 days.

Andhra Pradesh is holding a record of having highest number of theaters in India. More than 120 films will be released every year. Around 1600 single screens and 100 multiplex screens are running in 360 centers across Andhra Pradesh to entertain Film Lovers. Advertisements will always connect to audience (people who come to watch films or who come to enjoy multiplex ambience) during their quality spending time.

Audience from all age groups (below 3 years to above 70 years) will come to watch the films in all seasons. If Advertisers reach them through all possible branding and promotional activities in the theater, then there is a huge scope of getting good mileage and increase in their revenue.

Theater Branding Activities:

   Welcome Arches, Door Branding, Lift Branding,
   Stair Case or Steps Branding
   Screening of Commercial Ad film,
   Screening of Slides
   Screening of Voice Slides
   Seat Cover Branding
   Food Stall and Food pouches branding, Hoarding, Posters, Danglers,
   Stall and Kiosk placement
   Product display
   Drop Downs, Standees
   Wash room Branding
   Box office or Ticket Counter Branding
   Ticket Branding,
   Parking Branding, Poster Case Branding, Customized Branding
   Contest, Advertisement display in LEDs etc.,
   Research and Analysis (Products, Services etc.,), Product or Service Sampling, Promoters Activity